Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015 feeling earthquakes

Dear Family,
The miracles this week came from so many different places and
strengthened my testimony that diligent love, patience, and faith can
lead to the greatest miracle of all, the miracle of a changed heart.
We often spend so much time looking for Moses to split the seas,
Elijah to call down fire, Joshua to call down the walls of Jericho,
that we miss the more subtle evidences of God's love and power, the
power of the Holy Ghost. Wow, it is truly the most powerful force in
this world, and what's even more incredible is that God has given it
as a gift to those who humbly choose to follow His will in all things,
enter the waters of baptism, and are confirmed members His restored
church and take upon them His name.
Over the last two transfers my companions and, particularly, I have
felt weighed down with the burden of trying and trying to get
something moving here in H, but there always seemed to be the
problem of people and their agency. Who knew at such an amazing gift
could be so frustrating?! We just could not get on the same page with
people, and it was very, very, very, very tempting to throw up our
hands and throw in the towel. However, God had a different plan in
store, and I know without a doubt that he was preparing both my heart
and the hearts of those around us for the moment when we were all
ready to hear fully what he had to say and do willingly what he wanted
us to do.
It isn't perfect by any means, but it is the miracle of change. Our
friend, K, who we met last week and read the Book of Mormon with, came to church yesterday and agreed to set a baptismal date the next time we meet. The ward simply couldn't believe what was
happening, and the hope and love in their eyes was clearly visible.
We are working with our other investigators although things are moving
a little slower there. Please keep them in your prayers, especially
that they will have the faith to continue to keep commitments and meet
with the missionaries.
Way to go Logan! I'm looking forward to seeing you in one more year!
We actually felt the earthquake while we were playing ping pong on
Saturday with a friend at the church. It was pretty strong, but
nothing too dangerous!

Way to go Braden! It's been a while, but it sounds like you p've grown
up quite a bit! Keep it going, and I look forward to hearing great
things in the future.

Prayer is real and when offered in purity and sincerity of heart, it
is one of the most humbling experiences this life has to offer. How
could a loving Father refuse the simple and searching desires of one
of His beloved children? Whether it's been 1 day or 10 years, take
some time this week and ask Him what he would have you do.

Elder Christensen

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