Wednesday, May 27, 2015

e-mail from May 25, 2015

Wow! You are all doing amazing things! I got to send a little email to
Blake, but it sounds like Minnesota is treating him well. Bennett, way
to make a difference, and I hope you never forget these feelings. It's
way crazy that you are almost done with your Eagle Project! Aaron, you
just keep on standing out in new and incredible ways! It took me till
senior year to have a leadership position, and I didn't do very well
with it haha. Thankfully, I got a second chance, and I hope that you
want to give your all to those with you. It sounds cheesy to do that
in band class, but if do your best to show love to those in your
section, some amazing miracles will happen.
Amanda, I love you and am praying for you all the time!
I love you mom and dad! Your examples drive me everyday!

I missed you all this week, and I took the love that I felt from all
of you, gave it a healthy dose of Japanese, and spread it far and wide
across this H area! One thing is for sure, the Lord is
hastening His work in H! I don't know why it is happening now,
and I certainly don't know how everything will turn out from here! But
to say it simply, Elder S I have been blown away by the goodness
of God. There is no way that we could do anything here by ourselves,
and for decades, the work has been slow moving and sometimes even at a
standstill. Hundreds of missionaries have come and gone and have left
their sweat and tears on the streets of H without knowing what
would happen after they left, and I'm sure that many members here have
wondered why it is that their prayers have gone unanswered for so
long. Having been made district leader of this area,  I felt a very
strong impression this last week that for the first time in almost 3
years this area and this ward will once again be blessed to see a
friend choose to follow Christ into the waters of baptism. We have no
baptismal dates and only 2 investigators who are really "progressing"
in this area, but just this last week, it felt as though everyday
people were just appearing on the streets. We met a Shinto priest with
a love for God that is off the charts, and as he read the Book of
Mormon, he told us over and over that he felt God's love from it. And
oh, how right he was! Can you feel it too? It may take a little effort
and a little humility, but I promise that there is no energy drink, no
drug, no substitute that can replace the feeling of the Spirit of God.
I know that this feeling, this overwhelming joy, is truly good for how
could something false or wrong lead one to purely love others and
sacrifice everything for them?
The way to lasting happiness has actually been restored in these
modern times by a prophet of God, and I hope that no matter where you
are that you will personally take my challenge to learn this truth for
yourself. It WILL change everything for the better. I promise you that
with all of my heart! Plus, if you ever need anything done or if you
ever have any concerns, worries, questions, anything, I will give you
my all. (But don't forget to ask for some heavenly help too) :).
"For with God, NOTHING shall be impossible"

The missionaries here have completely dedicated their whole heart and
soul to God and the Japanese people with a love that can only be
described as limitless. The people in this area are special, and I
would like to ask a special favor from all of you back home, your
friends, family, members of this church, and those of other faiths as
well, and those without a religion. Keep this area and Japan in your
prayers and in your thoughts so that they will recognize our love and
God's love for them as His children with unbelievable potential.

1. Made some bread from Nepal after eating lunch! I just kind of asked
them if I could try amd they said yes!
2. Went to the temple (the most peaceful place ever) with Elder S

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