Monday, June 29, 2015

e-mail from 6-29-15

Dear Mom, Dad, Amanda, Blake, Bennett, Aaron, families and dear friends,

We got transfer calls this week, and I'll be staying H as District Leader, but Elder S will be leaving to go to Hfor the second time (he was there about a year ago). My new companion is Japanese! Elder M is fluent in English, but he prefers Japanese so no worries there.
A typical day.....well it basically involves a lot of stress! Recently, we've started waking up at 6 to go running with an investigator who wanted to up his motivation to be proactive. We do preparation until 8, study personally (I've been studying a lot from Preach My Gospel and both the Book of Mormon and the Bible recently), study as a companionship (we have lots of discussing time as well as practicing how to deal with situations), study Japanese (I kind of hit a wall recently, but I changed some of my study habits and it's improving again), then we eat lunch and depart. As stressful as it is some days to go outside and face the world, I have grown to love it! Those 5 and 6 hours days of simply talking, teaching, testifying, and seeing God's hand guide the work is the single most fulfilling thing I've ever done in my life. We always walk on the streets, saying hello to every single person we see, and talking to a ton of people from successful business men, to kids on their way to school. Actually, the church is right next to an elementary school, and I feel like every single one of those kids is like my little brother or sister. They have such a pure view of the world and an openness that is so refreshing. They are a special treasure here! We eat dinner around 5, go back out, and usually come back and call people on the phone or email for a half an hour until 9. Then we plan, call some more people, talk, and prepare for whatever comes tomorrow.

From hearing all of your thoughts and reading all the emails, I am so amazed by God's hand in everything that happens. The gathering of Israel is happening right before our eyes, and I get to see my best friends and family changing right in front of me! There are so many pure and good people out there, and I hope that they know that there is hope in the kingdom of God on the earth today. God can truly turn us into soldiers of light and truth, into angels sent to help others, if we just let Him into our lives.

Love you all with all my heart,
Elder Christensen

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