Monday, June 22, 2015

E-mail from June 22, 2015

Dear Dad, Mom, Amanda, Blake, Bennett, Aaron, and every one else whose
name's I would write if I knew all of them!

With the last several weeks passing, we've ended up with a very small
teaching pool and a long list of people who still need time, love, and
our service. It's been difficult to find those people who are really
wanting to make the commitment to learn more about Christ and test out
our message. It's pretty incredible how busy people make themselves
with work, and as frustrating as it is to be told that they would meet
if they had time, I have to give them props for giving everything they
have for their family and their dreams.
I really don't have much to share this week except my own personal
witness that God knows each of us deeply and personally. He knows all
that we struggle with and all that we are good at, all that we want
and all that we dislike. He knows exactly what He wants us to be and
if we are willing to trust Him, I know with all my heart that even if
we are simple fishermen now, we will become fearless, wise, kind, pure
servants, able to endure all things.
Love, Elder Christensen

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