Monday, June 15, 2015

e-mail from June 15, 2015

Thank you Mom for being my mother, my supporter, and friend and for being with Dad and teaching me ropes for my own long journey on this life! I actually needed a few cheers, to be honest. I've a had a couple Nephi 4 
like moments where I read a talk by Elder Holland or another apostle and feel the Spirit so strongly, but then struggle to bear that powerful testimony of the Savior or of the restored church
  It is a very confusing world we live in! And for the honest seeker of truth, there are many many conflicting voices of "lo hear and lo there!" (Joseph Smith History) to give enough confusion to go around.
​ ​
There are so many things in this world that just make you stand there, scratch your head and wonder what the heck went wrong! It's just plain crazy and I don't even watch the new or read the newspaper right now!

My only hope is that in the midst of all these "wars of opinions" that i can still feel love and rely on the Spirit to let people know that what we are sharing is not only true, but is the foundation for learning all truth. Continuing revelation from God, sought humbly in prayer and study, is the foundation for learning the things of greatest importance and truth. 

Seek the Spirit in everything you do. Trust it. Follow it. And go about doing good! 
If all else fails, love everyone you can! We may not be perfect, but we can at least be perfect in never giving up!
Love you beautiful people! 
Elder Christensen


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