Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

The kids in the family we are teaching are 1 and 3 years old, but
sometimes, iWe've been trying to help hem build a habit of family prayer
and scripture study like we did at home so that they can invite the
Spirit into their home even when we're not there. We have a lesson on
Tuesday evening so keep them in your prayers,

My story from recently came at a 7 Eleven in a place called
F. First off, these little convenience stores are like
little points where heaven and hell come together. Little kids toys
and pornography magazines are both equally visible for the passerby
who is unawares and  danger for missionaries looking for a bathroom
break, but usually we avoid the magazine portion of the store. One
day, on splits with my favorite missionary, Elder H, we stopped
at a 7 Eleven so that he could relieve his stomach, and I stood apart
from the magazine rack waiting. A man stood at the fashion section
reading, and like a million times before, a mental war began to rage
in my head. "Should I talk to him?"
"Yes, of course you should! He could be looking for exactly this!"
"But he's probably busy or looking at a terrible magazine."
"Then he needs this message even more!"
So I went. He responded to me in the most clear, controlled, and
composed manner and told me that his boss, the head of xxx, is a
member of the Mormon church whom he has great respect for and that he
has traveled to Salt Lake City and Provo before on business. He told
me that he would be glad to listen to what we had to say although he
said that he wasn't necessarily looking to change religions. Then, he
asked me something interesting,"why did you come up to me? There was
no reason for you to talk to me, and it certainly wouldn't have been
against your religion to not do so. What made you talk to me?"

It was at that moment that I realized that the power of the restored
gospel of Jesus Christ, of the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and the
Priesthood of God lies in the the active exercise of faith and in
following the promptings of the Holy Ghost even if there is absolutely
no logical reason to do so. We can go through our life never breaking
any commandments or committing any sins and never attain all the
blessings God has in store for us because we never act proactively in

We actually met with him and his wife this last Saturday and taught
them about the Restoration and gave them Books of Mormon, but they
decided they wanted to go more at their own pace and only meet about
once a month. We're going to send them scriptures so that we can stay
in contact.

It's taken a while to build a foundation to build on here in H,
but after 7 months, there are many blessings that are starting to bear

Please give everyone my love!
From your loving son, brother, and friend,
Elder Christensen

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