Monday, August 10, 2015

e-mail from August 10, 2015

Dear Mom,
I really had my own testimony strengthened this week! Bearing testimony simple truths brings is one of the best ways to invite the Spirit and to teach others. It's actually been really surprising to me how few people know about the simple truths that we know and love so much. Things like we are literally the children of a loving Heavenly Father, or that God is actually a physical being and not just in nature, essence, or even split into millions of Gods. I've run into that a lot recently, but Elder M reminded me that we don't need to get into deep confusing discussions about that. There was actually one man that we met who was walking around town training to climb mountains all over the world and who prayed often to the god of the mountains to keep him safe. He even told us about some pretty incredible experiences of being protected by some force while hiking. At that moment, we simply testified that it was not the mountain that saved you, but a loving, and very real God, one who created the mountains, the oceans, and everything else who has saved him in the past. He had never even though about it before, and he told us that he didn't think that we met by accident. He was hesitant because we just met him, and he didn't feel comfortable exchanging information, but we thanked him and promised him that we would see him again. 
We have several people we have begun teaching now, and even though their knowledge is still pretty limited, they are some amazing people! I'll keep you updated!

Love you!
Elder Christensen

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