Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24, 2015 Adam's e-mail

Dear Mom,
 It's been a pretty faith building experience here so far, and as I've tested the principles of cultivating our faith in Alma 32, it's clear to me that the only variable in receiving blessings and seeing the work of God unfold before our eyes is our willingness to believe. Every time I have exercised my faith, he has answered. I KNOW that he answers.
I found myself wondering the same thing again as you this last week, Mom. 
Why in the world are 18-ish year old called and given the responsibility to spread something so incredibly necessary and critical to lasting happiness as the gospel to me or to other people like me? It's a rare day when I don't feel as if I could have done something better or someone reminds me that I could be doing something better. When Christ's church first spread forth across the earth, Christ chose an army consisting of 12 men, simple fishermen, tax collectors, etc, who were mercilessly brought in chains before kings, emperors, buffered by storms, bitten by serpents, poisoned, stoned, persecuted by mobs, false prophets and the most vicious of liars and traitors, and every manner of evil imaginable all because they would not deny the simple truth about a man who was more than a man and a King who wore no crown but one of thorns. How it must have pained Christ to see his beloved friends, those men whose hearts he knew to be true and good, brutally rejected, ridiculed, and mocked until one by one they followed their beloved Savior path and died as martyrs for the truth. 
Now, once again in modern times the same as in times past, God has raised up an army, but not one of soldiers. We, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, fight, but not with swords. We fight for all that is good and virtuous in this world, and we invite anyone and everyone to join with us. I believe in God, our Eternal Father, and Jesus Christ, his Beloved Son, and in the Holy Ghost, and I testify that God has created a way for us to return to Him united as families who have been raised by dedicated fathers and mothers and sealed together in His holy temples. 

Good luck in school everyone! Blake, drive safe and keep BYU going strong for another year ok!
I would love to hear from all of you!
Elder Christensen

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