Monday, December 1, 2014

Why I otta go to Odawara........ December 1, 2014

Dear family,

Your thanksgiving looked like a blast with all the family members! I'm
so happy that you get to spend so much time together, even if I only
get to share in the joy vicariously.
The time difference is 16 hours, and we get to choose the time when we
can call during the week of the 22-26 so I might just call you on the
evening of the 25 in Boise. I'll talk with my companion when I
transfer and we can work out a good time for all of us! I sent you all
a gift too so hopefully you get it before Christmas!

First of all, I will be transferring out of Hachioji for the first
time and heading over to a town called Odawara to be with Elder
N my first Japanese companion. I guess this means only
Japanese speaking from now on, so that's pretty scary, but it's also a
great opportunity to learn and grow! For Mom, Dad, Amanda, and Blake,
Did you have native speaking companions? How was it?
We had interviews with our mission president, and he told me that I
need to be bold in my invitations with new people, potential
investigators, and investigators, which is something I've struggled
with my whole life. I am just not comfortable being up front when
asking people to do things, but as I've tried to stretch myself beyond
my own doubts, I've seen the truth of that advice and hope to continue
to improve! One of our potential investigators agreed to take lessons
from the missionaries, and even though I won't be able to teach him
since I'm transferring, I hope to keep in contact with him and help
him as best as I can!

One more miracle! Housing normally hasn't been very successful in
Japan up this point, but I know that there are still prepared people
to be found. We were returning from visit is less active and I noticed
a home with a ton of Christmas decorations. In Japan, that's pretty
rare so I decided to go check it out. They weren't home, but I
remembered some advice in PMG that sometimes we are led to certain
people and homes, but there neighbors, etc. are the ones who are
prepared so I knocked on the next house over. Long story short, a
single mother and a 3 year old son answered, and they agreed to let
the sister missionaries return and teach them. It truly was a tender
mercy and a miracle!

I'm so grateful that I get to have such an amazing family to learn
from and to share my experiences with!

Love, Love, Love,
Elder Christensen

 Boy Scouts in Japan at an Emergency Training activity

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