Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Snow hasn't quite come yet so I'm still waiting
for Christmas to come here in Japan! We don't go down to the beach as
much as we probably could, but in Japan there are never a shortage of
people no matter where you go. If we were to talk to every single
person, we wouldn't really even move much (I've actually experimented
several times :) ) Once we spent an hour and a half moving about 200
yards. I don't have any beach pictures yet, but I will include the
castle and a pretty amazing picture of Mt. Fuji when I went on splits
with Elder F in Hiratsuka!
Okinawa is in the Fukuoka Mission! I still haven't heard much about it
from Elder N but I'll do my best!
Our branch president was just moving nearby, but he actually doesn't
live in our area! Many of the members are called to come here to
strengthen the branch.
There is so much I want to say, but time is pretty short again today
since we went to lunch with a less active sister and are preparing to
go caroling again!
Yesterday was one of the most incredible days of my mission, and once
again it took until the very end of the day. The entire day we spent
caroling and visiting investigators and less active members, although
most of them weren't home. However, I had been making a goal to listen
more to the Spirit during the day so I tried acting every time I felt
something I thought was a prompting. At first it was to house in an
area around a member's home after a carol even though time was tight.
The other elders found a man who said they could come back and share
their message. Then, I began talking to a couple, but the husband left
so I was left with the wife. The sisters came over and struck up a
conversation, and she gave them her email and even said we should call
her mama because we are all so young. I felt kind of disappointed
because I had yet to have someone ask to meet with me (I know it's
selfish but that's how I felt). I kept talking to people as much as I
could, and the very last man I spoke to listened to everything we had
to offer about the a Book of Mormon and Prayer and agreed to meet next
Sunday after he come to church. He told me afterwards that he had
recently been wondering about religion since many Japanese people say
they are Buddhist but their beliefs don't really affect their actions.
He said that he desires the kind of faith that changes people's lives.
God is mindful of us. He knows our thoughts and the desires of our
hearts. He has promised that he will bless us for our efforts, and I
testify that this is true. If we seek after Him with all of our might,
mind, and strength, we will find Him, and it will truly be glorious.
This Christmas and next year, let us seek after Him in all that we do.

I love you all so much! Don't spoil the Hobbit for me either!
Elder Christensen

Castle in Odawara

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