Monday, December 15, 2014

December 14, 2014

Sometimes, it's still just difficult to manage time so we ran out of
normal time last P-Day before we even realized it, and this week we
spent the day helping our Branch President move into a new house so
time is pretty tight today as well. I want so badly to let you and
everyone know how much I love you and want to help you all as best as
I can.
We normally walk or ride our bikes still! I actually sent my bike
through a transport service offered by the mission so that was pretty
The scriptures have become a regular source of strength for me so
those gifts are truly invaluable! The Branch is small, but the members
have fiery strength and a powerful love of the gospel. They don't have
a choir, but they are anxiously engaged in helping the missionaries
and there's a caroling activity coming up which I'm so excited for!
With busy schedules it's difficult to coordinate effectively, but I'm
learning as I go and doing better than before!

I didn't see Mr. Carswell, but if anyone comes to Odawara let me know!
Elder N is a convert of several years, but neither of his
parents are members yet. They are still supportive, which I'm sure is
a source of comfort to him! He's from the lovely Fukuoka, Japan area,
although many Japanese missionaries go to Hawaii and California too!

Today has been pretty short on time, and although teaching
opportunities are still few in number, we saw several miracles that
stood out in my mind. One came has we were contacting on a small street, and
we saw a small alcove with a few old, rusty looking doors. It appeared
as though no one would possibly live there, but we went anyway. In one
of the apartments, lived a small old woman who had received church
pamphlets many times, but had never met missionaries before. We
visited again today with the sisters, and she had already begun
reading the Book of Mormon and agreed to take lessons starting this week.
 I have yet to see a lack of miracles when we have really
apply ourselves and push through even the hard days. The gospel of
Jesus Christ is real, and I testify with all the energy of my soul
that all people, no matter their religious, monetary, or social
background, can find the happiness and joy that they are searching for
if they are simply willing to test out our message to come and see. No
matter when and no matter where we will welcome you with open arms and
loving hearts!

I love you all! Congrats Aaron, keep making me proud!
Elder Christensen
rainbow in Odawara

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