Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! November 24, 2014

There really isn't a holiday like Thanksgiving in Japan so we've had
the opportunity to a lot of explaining and sharing the many blessings
that we have! In the past, missionaries have been invited to the
various military bases for Thanksgiving dinner, but since the number
of missionaries has grown pretty rapidly, they are limited those
dinners to missionaries who are already on the bases :( However, we
are not so easily beaten here in Hachioji. Our district has planned a
Thanksgiving dinner during our weekly English Class on Wednesday so we
plan to introduce Thanksgiving the American way to all of our students
and anyone else who wants to come! There's a CostCo fairly near to
Hachioji so we have already prepared turkeys, stuffing, mashed
potatoes, pies , rolls, and the rest of the good stuff! Hopefully, we
can help the people of Japan realize just how much there is to be
grateful for in this life!
As far as packages go, normally they just get sent from the Mission
Home, but for Christmas gifts it might be different. Speaking of
Christmas, when would be the best day to Skype you all? It's coming up
pretty fast and it's weird to think I've already been out for 6
We have transfer calls next week so Next time I email I will know
whether or not I'm staying in Hachioji!
It's been a long time since I've been able to see a baptism, but
hopefully, that day will come someday! As long as other people are
able to do it for me, then I think I'll be ok with waiting.

This week was a little out of the ordinary for me since I came down
with a pretty bad cold. As much as I felt comfortable, I tried going
out every day, but there were several days when Ward members told me
that I should just go rest. Even with a strange schedule, we found
several potential investigators who we are trying to keep contact with
and invite to more activities. In other news, one of the other
companionships of Elders set a baptismal date with one of their
investigators! His name is Y and he's a fireball. During their
first lesson, he said up front that he wasn't interested in the church
and didn't want lessons, but that he still wanted to come to church on
Sunday. Since then, he hasn't missed a single block of church, and
many people assumed that he was already a member. He's created a plan
to baptize everyone in his hometown so that they will be more
accepting of his choice to be baptized! He may not be my investigator,
but I'm grateful that I was able to see his growth to this point.
We've been working much closer with the ward these last few weeks, and
hopefully, this helps us  take the next step in our work. The members
here are so caring, and despite their busy schedules, they make time
for the missionaries as best as they can for lessons and meals! Please
pray for them in all of their endeavors and that they will be blessed!
One thing that came to my mind as I was studying this week is why
sometimes we are asked to suffer. It is certainly for our growth,but
just as Christ, through suffering all things, was able to perfectly
understand our own trials, we, through suffering, are better able to
minister to the needs of others who may be struggling. We must always
remember that Christ first descended below all things so that he could
then rise above all things and fulfill his role as our Savior and
Ephesians 4:8-10

I love you!
Elder Christensen
Dominos Pizza!!

Zone Conference

Adam's companion and his sweet skills!

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