Monday, October 19, 2015

Keep on going forward in faith!

Dear Mom, Dad, Amanda, Blake, Bennett (in Fiji you lucky dog), and
Aaron (in Logan studying up some gospel stuff)

I'm just trying each day to do the simple things that God asks me to
do, and do what little I can to improve in being more loving, more
reliable, more caring, and that is a pretty long and imposing journey
that doesn't really have an end. However, there are blessings and
checkpoints that I have noticed that God provides to let us know its
not for nothing.

We really don't have any progressing investigators, but we do have one
investigator that has faithfully hung around for the whole time in
H since he can't be baptized until next year.
His journey has been an uphill battle as well that still keeps going,
but we have a lessons with him tonight and with our recently returned
less active member (25 years ago that we met on the train) who has
just received his temple recommend. Eternal blessings are the reason
we do all of this anyways. Baptism was never the end, nor even just
going to church. Seeing him devour the Book of Mormon and set his
sights on bringing happiness that lasts to himself and others is one
of the most humbling things I've ever seen, and hearing him thank me
over and over again makes me feel so undeserving of that kind of
gratitude. Flip, I can't even work ATMs correctly sometimes, who would
believe that we could change people's lives? Keep on going forward in
humility and faith, and watch the Lord work His wonders.
I love you guys, and I'll never get tired of saying it

Elder Christensen

Cleaning our bath tub (just for you mom)

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