Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adam's e-mail from May 11, 2015

Mother dear, and coolest family and friends ever,
I'm glad that there weren't any muggers or homicidal gypsies. Those are always a buzz kill, especially during travel! 
The Lord is watching over this area and truly preparing the hearts of those people who seek after truth. That is one truth that I have felt in my heart and truly come to understand through careful observation and and listening with my heart. Our investigators have many different concerns, issues, strengths, weaknesses, and questions, but more than that is their desire to find the truth and their ability to recognize the love of God. I have often wondered, kind of like Joseph Smith, why it is that some of the "nicest" people are so incredibly opposed to things like religion and are unwilling to look past the things they don't quite understand and see the truth in the simple principles. Some of the bitterest persecution and opposition comes because people can't recognize true goodness. We were blessed to attend stake conference this Saturday and Sunday and to hear from many people of all walks of life. Members of the Seventy, Mission Presidents, Mothers, Daughters, Youth, pretty much everyone from every walk of life spoke to us. There were a variety of themes and personalities, but the prevailing feeling I had in my heart was the pureness of their hearts and their desire to do good no matter what. I would trust them with my life and if I ever needed something or had a question, I would run to them without any hesitation. We were also able to serve at a elderly center teaching english with one of our investigators who said that we could even share a gospel message. As we prepared to share, several of the people became visibly uncomfortable and despite the assurance of our investigator that we were good people with a good message, we were only able to explain more about us and promise that Christ was truly who he said he was before they essentially said enough. We thanked them all for their time and their kindness, but it made we wonder why people can't feel our love for them. I don't desire power or fame, money or praise. I don't care about numbers or even about simply meeting lots of new people. All I want is for people listen with their heart and feel the incredible love that I feel towards them, the love that my parents raised me with, and the love that ultimately God loves us with. I would die for these people. I would give all I own if they could catch even a glimpse of this truly simply, beautiful truth. God lives. He loves us, more than we could ever realize, and He WILL answer us if we our only humble enough to ask in faith. This gospel IS true. I can't always explain it with words, but I can at least say that much. I love you all so much and pray for you everyday because even though I can't help you personally, God will never forsake you. 
Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful, talented, inspired mother and all the mothers out there who cared enough for us to give up their personal dreams to teach us the truth. 
With all the love of my heart,
Elder Christensen, a witness of Jesus Christ till the day I die

1. The A family, and their baby y. Look at his face!! It's so cute, I just want to squish it!

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