Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 Letter from Adam

There really aren't a ton of new vegetables that I have learned to like, but there's
corn, lettuce, cabbage, mushrooms (I count them as vegetables), peas,
and probably some other ones although I haven't been keeping track :) wish I could say that I'm always bold, but I still can't say that quite yet.
The hardest part about being bold is that it's never the same and
sometimes it seems to be hurting more than helping. It would be nice
if every person was happy to talk to you about church, but that
usually isn't the case. Actually, I think I've been ignored more than
anything, which makes talking about anything hard. I never know quite
what to do when people simply don't acknowledge me. Sometimes I walk
around with them for a little bit and just keep talking, although as
far as effectiveness goes, it's not the greatest. However, there are
still a lot of people in Japan so there are many opportunities to go
out there and work! A lot of foreigners come to Japan for work and
because the government plays a big role in health care, etc.  
(referencing the Smiths being in the Tokyo airport recently)
Dang,  just missed them! I may only be a couple hours by train from
Tokyo, but it feels like a continent! There is just no end to the city
or to the people! Were they able to leave the airport at all?
The primary here only has a few kids, so it's kind of hard to picture
such a big group! It is nice to know that kids are pretty much the
same everywhere you go!
Go get em Aaron! How's the preparation  for all state band going?
 It feels like you've been traveling a lot recently, but maybe that's
just because mission time goes by so much faster. Will the whole
family be to St. George?
The Tanner's are an incredible example of both Christlike service and
missionary work, and give them my apologies for not being as diligent
as I should have been when they came over before. They are truly
magnifying their callings!

 I'm pretty sure it was my first covert baptism, but if it wasn't, it
was at least the first one that I can remember going to. Right after
the baptism, there was even a sacrament service in Spanish and
Portuguese! We didn't have any investigators to go with, but the other
elders from Odawara met a man on the way to the baptism who decided to
go with them. As we spoke, he told us in a somber tone that he had
recently become homeless and practically lived off the clothes on his
back, but that seeing so many happy people together was something that
he had never experienced before. Our Ward Mission leader, who is an
accomplished lawyer and great example, spoke to him about finances for
a little bit, and the Fujisawa missionaries, our zone leaders, began
to to teach him a little bit more about the gospel. He said that it
was the first time in a long, long time that anyone had shown this
much kindness and care to him. Plus, a woman from the Philippines came
into the building after seeing a lot of people gathering, and as the
sisters spoke with her, they learned that she already had a Book of
Mormon! After staying for the service, she asked how soon she and her
family could get baptized! The baptism was amazing, and in addition to
it being translated into 3 different languages at once, I got to bear
my testimony! I spoke about the power of new beginnings. 
The N family is so amazing! They're moving back to Brazil in February, but
they told me to visit after my mission so now I have the perfect
excuse! How would you all feel about a trip to Brazil?
They all have such strong testimonies, and are sensitive to the still
small whisperings of the Spirit.
They may not be Japanese, and it may not be me teaching them (one of
these days it will happen) but I really can't deny the hand of God in
this work even if I tried. There are simply too many witnesses to me
that God exists, that He loves us, and that he wants us to do
everything in our power to choose the right, just like any loving parent
would. However, Satan wants the exact opposite. He would rather see
our lives in shambles, our family torn apart, our dreams left
unrealized, and hopes shattered. He would rather our lives be filled
with oppressive pessimism than uplifting and inspiring optimism. Who
would want to follow such a being?! If there is ever a time where you
face a difficult choice, always remember this and choose the right!
God and Jesus Christ are our biggest fans, our sideline supporters,
our coaches, our trainers, and our teammates, and following their
counsel will bring you everlasting joy. No matter what you goals is,
to exercise more, to be a better friend, a better parent, a more
diligent student, this gospel will give you what you are searching

Love you with all my heart,
Elder Christensen
1. Splits with the Elder Petersen with the Wada Family and Enomoto
兄弟,members from Fujisawa!
2. We went into the mountains to find a less active, but were
unsuccessful. We did, however, get to talk to some lovely people.

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