Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Adam's email from Jan. 11, 2015

January 11, 2015

First off, I just want to say thank you to all of you for sending such thoughtful gifts! Blake and Amanda, I was feeling pretty chubby so that skinny girl popcorn was exactly what I needed!
 I don't have a ton of time to share all of the things that I really want to say with all of you, but I hope you know how amazing it is to look at all of you and see the things you're accomplishing. Aaron, I can only imagine the kind of practice and effort it took to get to where you are so go show them what your'e made of! Heck yes, that amazing saxophone player is my brother! What songs are you playing? Bennett, as you're making your goals become reality, it's an example to me of all that we are capable of! What play is it?

We began teaching a man on Sunday named S who really hasn't even thought about the concept of religion before outside of his family`s traditions, but since he has a lot of time, he agreed to meet with us and had the first lesson. He though it was all pretty interesting, but wasn't too keen on reading the Book of Mormon regularly. He said if he feels like it he`ll read so we will probably spend time reading with him so that he can feel the Spirit as he reads and ponders it.

There really are few moments better than when the person you are talking to listens intently as you talk about the Restoration. We met another Potential Investigator from China on the train, and he was way excited to hear more. Naturally, there was more than that, but it's kind of hard to explain it all. Finding people to teach is as crazy and unpredictable as always, and I finally feel fairly comfortable talking to pretty much anyone, anywhere, but when it comes to teaching, I really have no idea what I`m doing! The knowledge is all there, but as far as adjusting to met needs, I am still a beginner. I have so much more respect for mothers, fathers, and sunday school teachers for their ability to explain simply something so incredibly big and deep.

I love you all so much, and Im going to try and write back to all of you next week!
Love, Elder christensen

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