Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 2, 2016 Home Stretch!

Ah yeah! Way to go Aaron! What's been the most fun part about driving so far?
Summer is definitely a great time to drive, but I feel a little bad for you that you don't get to drive the Mazda to school in the winter time. There was nothing quite like that car! 
It sounds like you avoided a stressful driving test :) I'm glad that you still remember it, Mom!
There's nothing more encouraging to oneself than seeing your driving instructor blowing up about how bad of a driver the last student was. I was confident in my ability, but no one likes to drive with the constant pressure of being berated for even the slightest mistake. It is not a good environment to learn. How was driving with Mr. Eiguren, Aaron? 

What a fantastic way to spend your last month as a senior, Bennet! It's kind of interesting how my last month as a missionary is at the same time as your last month. How does it feel to almost be done? Is there anything that you still want to do before the month is up? 
After high school, people tend to split up and go their separate ways, and on a mission, I'm not sure when I'll be coming back to Japan again. For the last few years, your classmates and teachers have been a huge part of your life, helped you get where you are now, and you've helped them get to where they are now. No matter where they go, and no matter where you go, don't forget them! Separating physically from those we love is necessary, but just keep doing your very best whatever your calling or position in life. Take lots of pictures for me! I love you!

Right now, in Fujisawa we're planning a talent show for the Saturday before I get on a plane to fly home, and I'm working with the other missionaries and some members in our ward to perform a piece and invite as many people as I can from my past areas to make it a night to remember. It will be a wonderful way to see my mission come full circle.

I have come to the sure knowledge that this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints contains the fullness of Jesus Christ's gospel, the keys of the priesthood of God, a living prophet in Thomas S. Monson, and is the only church with the ordinances necessary to return to live with God again. I know these things of myself, and I have felt the Holy Ghost confirming to me that it is true. Please come and see!

Elder Christensen

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