Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

Sister E is a member of the H Ward where I served last year and had a great relationship with their family. They have several daughters who are in the young women's program and were always a blast to be around. Around Christmas time in K when you sent me the big stocking of missionary outfit, she visited K a and was astounded at the stocking and wanted to ask you for some mom tips! She cares a lot about her daughters and wants them to continue to be strong and active in the church, and when I talked about our family, she told that she was especially impressed that in our family, everyone has served missions so far. Helping the youth grow up strong in the gospel is on the minds of most members here in Japan, especially since many of these members are only 2nd or 3rd generation members. 
Thank you so much for messaging her back and being a friend! 
Although we had contacted with about 4 of our good friends, some of whom are investigating the church and one man who we just met on the street, none of them ended coming to church, but we were able to get in contact with two of them, who had other appointments come up and couldn't attend, which was too bad because I gave a talk! 

I am astounded at how many amazing people I am blessed to meet with on a daily basis on my mission in Japan. And although I may not be the most eloquent at expressing it in writing or the most timely at keeping in contact with everyone that I meet, I am grateful for the knowledge that I, and you, and everyone around us is a child of a loving God and a member of the same Heavenly Family. I can think of few greater messages than this. I love the Japanese people and consider them part of my family, and I hope and pray with all of my heart that not only them, but that every single person on this planet will let this message enter their heart, try it out, and watch as your view of the world changes and your joy increases. I promise that it will happen if you let it.

Moroni 7:45

I love you all!
Elder Christensen

This is our bishop and his family, the J family! They are a blast!

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