Monday, March 9, 2015

Adam's post from March 9, 2015

I am in awe of Bennett's performance at the dinner show! Freak, when did you get so good?
it's just gone uphill from the Jazz concert before I left! Now your going to sell Pizza? Does
this mean I can eat for free when I get back?! I always knew you would
pull through for me!
I wish I had time to comment more! Happy Birthday Mom! I took some
time to say it on Facebook, but thank you for making your life an
example for us to follow and showing us how to make the most of the
time we have.
Our main focus as a companionship has been our friend and investigator
D. He's only been an investigator for about 5 months, but he loves
the missionaries and is always giving his time for us. He has had a
lot of struggles in his life and is in the midst of overcoming several
of them which is taking a mental and physical toll on him and us. I
really have no idea how to help with most of them, but we're praying
as a companionship that the teachings of the gospel will sink into his
heart. We're trying our best to help him build a foundation for his
life on the gospel and start from square one despite many setbacks. So
often, I've taken the gospel and everything else in my life for
granted, but it's time to do my best to provide an opportunity for
others to try it out and see for themselves the peace and comfort that
it brings.
Elder Christensen

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