Monday, February 8, 2016

In a good groove! February 8, 2016

I hope that after this last transfer Elder F and I stay together for a while! Working with new people is definitely a skill and provides opportunities for new growth, but now we've been able to get into a rhythm together and meet some incredible young people with interest in meeting and learning more, which means that a lot of changes often leads to people dropping off and a drop in effectiveness at least for a bit. We tried planning some time to play soccer last week, but with preparation for a mission tour from Elder Whiting of the Asia North Area Presidency we had to cancel it for now. But don't worry! We will do it eventually! We're getting a lot better at planning with each other and preparing for things in the future so that we can maximize what time we do have. I've grown to realize how precious time is especially in missionary work, and more now than ever we're trying to make the most of it.
Right now, we have a goal as a companionship to visit more members each week and build their confidence in us as teachers of the gospel and capable of inviting the Spirit into their homes. 

I haven't caught any glimpses of hamster bread yet, but you can bet I'll keep my eyes open! Something like that will surely not go unnoticed.

I love you,
Elder Christensen

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