Monday, December 14, 2015


Dear Momma and Daddy,
Yes, that will be Christmas night for you and the 26th for me! Tokyo time is 16 hours ahead of Boise time so 8 AM here would be 4 PM there. Right now shall we plan for 4:30 PM your time on the 25th? I'll make sure to call you first!
I haven't received the second package yet, but the first one that came did say 1 of 2. I'll follow up with the mission office and see if it was held back for some reason. It hasn't been sent back or anything right?

Transfer calls this week had a special meaning for me! Before coming to Japan on my mission, I heard some great stories of my Grandpa Christensen living in Tachikawa and his exploits there, and I was even more excited to be able to experience it for myself. Up until now, I've been in Tokyo, Odawara, Hodogaya, Kamakura, and this next transfer is in a place called Kunitachi which is literally built on the runway that used to be Tachikawa airfield. I've been assigned as a zone leader with Elder Driscoll, who we got to introduce to the MTC! 
Please let Grandpa know I'm going there and ask him what I should look out for! I didn't ever think I would have the chance to serve somewhere with that sort of connection, but I'm feeling excited to run through the last 6 months stretch in a place where my Grandpa served as well.
How important it is that we remember! Remember our past, remember our promises, remember our friends and family, remember how it feels to choose the right. 

I will always remember the love of the people I have felt in Kamakura. Keep them in your prayers!

Elder Christensen

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